The Scared Soul

A Philosophical Horror

Dive into a chilling tale of the supernatural, where horror meets introspection. This story takes you on a riveting journey into the uncharted destiny of a soul, freshly separated from its mortal coil. Experience the soul’s trepidation as it grapples with its new form, an uncertain future, and the lingering attachments to the material world. A thought-provoking exploration of life beyond death awaits you.


This is purely a work of fiction, and philosophy. The author has no intention of challenging the knowledge of experts, religious leaders, priests, spiritual professionals or any sort of intellectuals dealing with the subject. There is no intention of debate, discussion or arguments. This is just for sake of light read and entertainment. The resemblances of any sort will be considered as pure coincidence.

The Audio Edition

Sameer's New Journey

Sameer or Sam as his friends called him, was a cheerful and jolly man in his 30s, and to be precise, around 37 years old. He had a great family, led a decent life, had a good job and everything that is needed for leading a happy middleclass life.

Everything was going well, until that unfortunate day, when he had met an accident during morning jog. He was wearing headsets and lost in the music, which prevented him from paying attention to the honks from the biker, who lost his control and collided with Sam as the bike skid. Fortunately for the biker, he survived with minor injuries on wrists with a wounded knee due to the helmet that smashed, while saving his face.

But for Sam, in absence of any safety gear, he suffered severe skull injury due to hitting on the negligently placed roadside rock. Although a case of accident was registered, but the biker was let off due to no fault of his, and the negligence was put upon Sam, as he was listening to loud music while carelessly crossing the road. The biker had honked continuously, but the loud music diluted the sound of honks.

Sam was admitted to the hospital. But due to skull injury, was found to have collapsed into coma state. Fortunately for him, an onlooker who was also a paramedic, had successfully administered CPR on him, which saved his life, at least till the medical aid arrived.

Sam experienced an Out of Body effect, as he rose from his coma state as a soul. He was confused and lost, as he looked at his inanimate body lost into coma. He could see the medical staff treating him in the Intensive Care Unit, while outside, his family and dear ones were worried and waiting impatiently with moist eyes.

Sam was not able to recall, what had happened, so he tried to ask his parents, his friends, and whoever he could. However, no one was capable of listening to or seeing a soul. Through their talks he could recall, what had happened. He realized his mistake and cursed himself for negligence.

He wanted second chance, but he had concluded that he was already dead. He goes back into the ICU and examines his body. While doing so, he notices, that his heart rate was still live, although very low. He heard the doctor explaining that due to severe jerk on the skull, his brain was affected, which had slipped into the coma state. Although the surgery could save him, but his brain would take its own un-estimated time towards recovery.

Sam was relieved, that he was still alive, but then how come he was out of his body. He left the ICU and wandered around within the hospital. While wandering, he reaches the morgue, where he spotted another person in bright and glowing robes, holding a staff, somewhat like a wizard. She was moving towards a body of an old woman, that had freshly arrived and being prepared for post-mortem. She waived her staff over the body, while the purple aura emitting out of the staff engulfed it.

The purple aura turned brighter and retreated to the staff. While she was about to leave, she spots Sam and smiles at him.

The Wizard: Hey… Young Soul! Seems that your time is not up yet… Till then goodbye!

Sam (while gathering courage): Hey Wait…! Who are you? And what have you done to this old woman.

The Wizard: You are the first person, who has called her as old woman… As of now, everybody has been calling her as “Body”. Is it what a person becomes as soon as death overtakes?

Sam: Yes…! You are right. It’s a pity… Whole life, a person spends life among his own people with an identity… But as soon as he dies… He instantly loses it… And becomes a body! Unfortunately, I am one… Or would soon become one! But you have still not mentioned as to who are you?

The Wizard: I thought, you would have recognized me. I am the Angel of Death… Actually, one of them to be precise…! It’s a huge organization… Anyways, as I said… Your time has not arrived yet.

Sam: Angel of death…! This way?

Angel of Death: What do you mean by that.

Sam: I mean… Angel of Death, wearing a bright glowing attire, with a shiny staff like a wizard… Am I dreaming?

Angel of Death: What did you expect then?

Sam: Pardon me… But shouldn’t the attire and appearance of a Death Angel be dark and scary? And how come such a pleasant looking woman is Angel of Death?

The Angel of Death bursts into an uncontrolled laughter.

Angel of Death: Seriously dear…! You have made my day with your joke! You humans seriously have a weird imagination. And what was that stereotypical question of yours? How can a Death Angel be a woman…? I take it as an unexpected insult…!

Sam: Oh… Please! That wasn’t my intention…! It was just out of what I, or rather we all humans have been assuming… Please accept my apology! You see… we have never seen a real Death Angel before…!

Angel of Death: Relax Sam…! I can understand. Well, you humans have lots of wrong perceptions and theories. But anyways… See you soon!

Sam (terrified): See you soon… In the sense? Am I already dead, or it’s a nightmare of mine?

Angel of Death: No, you are not… Yet! Nor has your time arrived.

Sam: So, when is it expected to arrive?

Angel of Death: Sorry dear! As part of the code of conduct of my job, I am not supposed to reveal that… Hope you understand.

Sam: I can understand. I am just curious about my fate. What will I do in meantime, and how am I supposed to deal with this state of mind?

Angel of Death: Well…! I cannot do much… But let me safely lead this soul to her destination, and I shall be back here. Wait here till I return.

The Angel of Death vanishes, and Sam continues his stroll across the hospital. He visits various sections and wards, while spectating the happenings around there. He could spot dull, depressed and rejoiced faces as well. Somewhere there were mourns, while somewhere the atmosphere was filled with overjoyed excitement.

After the entire tour of that not so amusing place, he finally retreats to the same place where he had met the Angel of Death. Moments later his arrival, he spots a flash of light, and there emerges the Angel of Death.

Sam: So, you are back…!

Angel of Death: As promised!

Sam: So, tell me. Where are you supposed to take me once I finally die… Maybe in somewhile!

Angel of Death: Well…! Where would you want to go? It depends on your wish.

Sam: Do we really get choice?

Angel of Death: Yes, of course? How can I know where would you want to go, until you tell me?

Sam: Are you making fun of me?

Angel of Death: Do you think I am some sort of court jester?

Sam: No, I mean… Isn’t it what you guys decide our destiny? I mean… Whether to take me to Heaven, or Hell?

Angel of Death: Well… I keep forgetting… You humans have weaved your own web of imaginations, that push you away from accepting reality. First of all, let me make it clear… There are no such planets in this universe with those names. You humans not sure from where, come up with such fantasies.

Sam: Now you are confusing me. Aren’t we supposed to pay for our sins in Hell and get rewarded for our virtues in Heaven?

Angel of Death: What you just mentioned about, is this place. Of course, when you are alive.

Sam: What? This hospital?

Angel of Death: Dear… Dear… Dear! This planet… The Earth, where you humans reside. What you just mentioned is what you experience here. Your deeds get redeemed in form of happiness and sufferings, based on their nature. That’s what exactly you humans call as Heaven and Hell… It’s right here, nowhere else!

Sam: So where have you taken that old woman to?

Angel of Death: She had no regrets nor wish left. I led her to the final destiny of the souls who spent their peaceful eternity. The planet of souls.

Sam: And what if she had some regrets or wish left?

Angel of Death: Well… Let me show you something. For that, I will have you instilled in this staff of mine. If you would want to come with me on a journey of truth.

Sam had mixed feelings about it. He was scared, but at same time, curious to know what happens next. He agrees and the Angel of Death absorbs him into her staff. Although he was in the staff, he found himself to be looking out of a secured capsule. He could hear and see everything happening around.

Sam: What exactly have you done to me?

Angel of Death: You are not capable of accompanying me to the place, where I am to take you, on your own. So, I had to secure you in this divine staff of mine. This will also shield you from the soul snatchers. So, shall we?

Sam: Well… I have no choice as of now…!

Angel of Death: Well then… Let’s go!

The Multidimensional Space

The Angel of Death teleports to a huge bright chamber with lots of holographic screens, playing various visuals.

Sam: Wow! Where are we? Is it some sort of studio? What do these screens show?

Angel of Death: We are in the multidimensional space. The visuals that you see are the actual happenings in the world. In fact, we can even observe the past and resultant future here.

Sam: What exactly does this mean?

The Angel of Death waves her palms and moves some of the screens. She points her finger at a distant screen, that zooms closer to her.

Angel of Death: Here it is! So, tell me, what would have been your wish, before your tenure on Earth comes to an end?

Sam: Well… Not wish, but plans to execute…! I had to take my family on an international vacation. Wanted to purchase that villa. Before that, I wanted to get that promotion…

Angel of Death (interrupting): Hold on…! These are your wishes… Not plans! What if these wishes don’t get fulfilled? What shall you do?

Sam: A good question… I don’t know! Seriously… Had never thought about it!

Angel of Death: You see… Sam! Humans throughout their livelihood, run behind their aspirations, wild dreams, and unrealistic goals. And one day… Everything comes to an end… Unfulfilled!

Sam: Yes, you are right. I have these wishes, but not sure whether they can be ever fulfilled. But then, what’s life without dreams?

Angel of Death: That is exactly what leads you towards, what you call as Heaven and Hell, which are nothing but situations. I have encountered souls, who panic on having realised their end of tenure on Earth. They just refuse to accept the reality and proceed with me towards the eternity.

Sam: So, what happens next?

Angel of Death: Let me show you something. These screens, that you see here will show you that.

Sam watches the visuals played back on the various screens. He could observe the struggle, that every soul was passing through. On one screen he could see a soul refusing to leave the Earth, in search of lost treasure, which he could not find while being alive. Eventually the Angel of Death leaves him alone to wander into the woods, hunting for the treasure, and finally ending up haunting the caves in dismay. Although he had found the treasure, it was of no use for him. He had finally realised, that he had sacrificed his peaceful eternity in search of something, that never belonged to him. Sam felt sorry for the poor soul.

Sam: So, does he have to be this way for ever?

Angel of Death: He chose his destiny. My colleague, who had arrived to escort him, mentioned that he was too adamant, and was not ready to accept the fact of his death. He wanted to discover the treasure, not for sake of wealth, but just to prove, that he is an excellent treasure hunter to those, who never believed him. His death was a consequence of his hasty decisions to cross the valley, even when his team of experts had warned him against it. His overenthusiasm doomed him. His team aborted the mission, to rescue his body. But even after that, he was still adamant to find the treasure. His greed led him to what he is suffering today. You know what? I guess this is the Hell for him.

Sam: Stuck forever?

Angel of Death: Not forever… Only until he repents and summons his Death Angel back. But he needs to realise it on his own.

The other screen displays the soul of a woman in the vicinity of a housing colony, who tries to possess people passing by. She tries hard but fails, as she couldn’t pass through anybody.

Sam: What is she up to?

Angel of Death: Possession of host. But she is not capable of that. She wants to be back with her family, and thinks, that by possessing any random person, she can achieve what she wants.

Sam: But how will it help her?

Angel of Death: It won’t. Actually, she won’t be even accepted that way. She thinks that if she can possess a person, especially a woman, she can get back to spend days as before with her husband and kids. But she fails to realise that, it is not the acceptable way. Every single body has its own soul. Even if she wants to possess it, she cannot control it, since the host soul has the control over the body.

Sam: But I have personally seen possessed people. They look scary. They become very powerful physically. In fact, sometimes their body deforms in strange way.

Angel of Death: Yes, because they are not able to control the body, the way it is controlled by the native soul. The native soul is part of the body and connected with its organs, through mind. The mind coordinates with the brain and so the nervous system. This relation is from the birth. Now imagine a new soul, that has no such relation with the body, moreover which is already connected with another soul, tries to hijack it. The host soul if is spiritually stronger, drives away the parasitic soul, while if weaker succumbs to the attack. However, the foreign soul still is not able to take complete control.

Sam: But then why doesn’t someone among you explain this to her?

Angel of Death: Do you think we wouldn’t have? You humans are too adamant and self-centred. She will learn it the hard way. Either she gives up, and returns to the peaceful eternity, or end up into a trap of a soul snatcher.

Sam: Soul Snatcher? What’s that?

Angel of Death: Soul Snatchers are the practitioners of evil crafts, who capture souls as their slaves, for carrying out their evil orders. Souls like her who attempt possessing people, seldom end up into the clutches of practitioners of dark crafts. Their soul gets tainted and so cannot be accepted on the planet of souls, until and unless they are cleansed.

Sam: I guess, that is what would be called as Hell… Being slave forever.

Angel of Death: You can see lots of souls here, who are not able to accept the reality, and wander in search of something they cannot find. They are not able to understand the simple rule of life.

Sam: And what’s that?

Angel of Death: The rule is simple. Death is beginning of a new journey. Whatever you do during your lifetime, remains here on the Earth. Whatever you carry back are your deeds and learnings. Once you die, your tenure comes to an end, and there is no reason for you to stay back. Some souls, who have attained peaceful eternity, had spent their whole lives learning from life. Instead of getting stuck in the material goals, they preferred seeking peace in higher spiritual goals. They learnt to share, rather than hoarding. Ambitions are important in life, but overambitions, ruin everything.

Sam: But how you determine if one is ambitious or overambitious?

Angel of Death: Eat only the quantity needed to satisfy your hunger. Overeating doesn’t just impact your health, but even your future reserves of food, isn’t it? Overambition is like overeating.

Sam: You are right. So, tell me… What as per you am I? Ambitious or overambitious?

Angel of Death: How am I to determine that? It’s you, who would know whether your stomach is full or empty. It’s you who need to judge yourself. Nobody else!

Sam: But I guess now everything has come to an indeterministic phase. I am not sure, if I am alive or dead. So, I guess… Nothing left to judge.

Angel of Death: Well… Not everyone gets a second chance!

As soon as the Angel of Death narrates those last words, a bright flash of light emerges and blankets everything. The light fades, while Sam appears to be lying on his bed, as his wife tries to wake him up.

Sam’s Wife: Hey… Wake up Dear! Your morning sip is ready.

Sam wakes up and looks around with an amazed face.

Sam’s Wife: Good Morning… Come on now… It’s time for your walk…

Sam: Good morning Dear! When did I come back from the Hospital?

Sam’s Wife (with confused face): Hospital? What are you talking about? Guess you had a strange dream.

Sam: Yeah…! It was indeed a dream. I will just freshen up and make a move.

Sam freshens up and gets his fitness band. He picks up his smartphone and while he is about to pick up his headset, he remembers his dream and the last words of the Death Angel, “Not everyone gets a second chance!”

He smiles and moves out, leaving behind the headsets.