What is Planet Soulance?

Planet Soulance Books

Embark on a cosmic odyssey with Planet Soulance, a thrilling Science Fiction Novel series penned by the imaginative Pravin Balaji Dhayfule. Across three gripping seasons, dive into the mystical realms of a planet exclusively crafted for souls, where dream civilizations thrive.

Follow the afterlife adventure of Amar, a youthful soul thrust onto Planet Soulance after a fatal accident. His journey unfolds as he integrates into a new family, undergoing a transformative evolution into a powerful warrior soul. Join Amar as he rises to become a guardian of both Planet Soulance and the vast universe in this captivating tale of life beyond the mortal realm.


Life, the more you live, the more you crave for it. It is obvious that we are afraid of death. Even the most courageous heroic personality, who claims to be fearless of death, does fear it at a moment. In spite of we being aware of the fact that every object that has been created, will some day meet its end, its being a spine chilling reality for us to digest it. Death is said to be immortal, since nobody as yet has been able to escape from its icy claws.

But why are we afraid of Death? What happens to one after death? Is there something called as next birth? What do we mean by Soul, Spirit, Ghosts, God and Devil?

The answers are locked down in those dark chambers of unfamiliarity, which even researchers have been trying to explore since years. Although they have been successful in borrowing evidences, we can?t yet be that sure whether they can be considered as Facts or merely raw findings of paranormal research. The questions arise in our mind, ending up being unanswered.

Planet Soulance Learnings

Planet Soulance presents the aspects of life through the lens of fiction.

Every season reveals various explorations about the day to day affairs of life

Season 1 Teaches

Knowledge is not something that someone would just serve you on a platter. Explore, observe, research, ask and challenge the information provided to acquire the facts you are hunting for.

Season 2 Teaches

Facts might not be as obvious as they appear. Everything that is seen, heard or experienced may not be true. You need to tear through illusions, perceptions and hunt for the facts, revealing the truth. All on your own.

Season 3 Teaches

Trust and Betrayal are facets of the same coin. Belief is merely a perception of mind. Everything else is a dynamically twisted piece of pure business called Life.


Planet Soulance series being fictional, any resemblance of the characters, stories and events in the real world will be considered as Coincidence. All the actions, characters and events are based on imagination and has no intention of challenging the knowledge of intellectuals, religious gurus, spiritual masters and other related Subject Matter Experts.

This book may not be used by spiritual or religious preachers as a tool for gaining followers or promoting superstition. The author of the book held no accountability of such social misuse.

This core intention of this book is entertainment through science fiction fantasy. In case of any queries or misuse of this book, the audience may contact the author by writing an email to pravin@dhayfule.com.

Prominent Characters of Planet Soulance

These are few of the prominent characters of Planet Soulance. Checkout the Roleplay section to know more details about each of them.